About Us

Ameribridge is the industry’s prime turnkey contractor for full passenger boarding bridge (PBB) refurbishment, maintenance and relocation services.  We also manufacture the aviation industry’s premier radial boarding bridge for the commuter aircraft industry and ground level boarding gates. Originally incorporated as American Steel Builders, Inc in 1982,we began work as Ameribridge in 1988, and have worked continuously since then to establish a reputation as the industry’s premier aftermarket passenger boarding bridge service provider. Ameribridge has also always carried an extensive inventory of replacement parts for bridges of all types, and we now are a “one stop shop” for nearly any item related to a passenger boarding bridge.

With the 2012 acquisition of all “Dewbridge” intellectual property from DEW Engineering, Ameribridge became the provider of the commuter industry’s premier passenger boarding bridge. In addition to manufacturing new radial boarding bridges, we also now provide full parts support and maintenance service for all Dewbridge radial and apron drive units installed across the US and Canada.

Many new design and component upgrades are now available for existing Dewbridge units, so please call us to find out how your Dewbridge PBB can perform at an even higher level of service. The Ameribridge radial boarding bridge is specifically designed for safe and efficient docking to regional aircraft types, and it can also be used to dock to any narrowbody aircraft. With the Ameribridge radial bridge, passengers at any commercial airport can enjoy the same level of comfort, safety and accessibility as passengers flying on larger aircraft.

Click here to view the full product brochure on the Ameribridge radial boarding bridge.