Utilizing refurbished passenger boarding bridges on your project can reduce lead-time and lower costs by as much as 40% without compromising quality or warranty considerations, all while helping to reduce the project’s environmental impact.

Green Initiatives

In a business environment made more competitive by economic changes and global concerns, it is smart decisions that turn challenges into alternatives and opportunities.

As such, businesses are constantly looking for ways to achieve more environmentally friendly operations, while reducing cost. By purchasing refurbished passenger boarding bridges from ameribridge, you’ll be doing your part to help the cause and your bottom line.

With every pre-owned PBB that is purchased, the resources required to build a brand-new one are conserved, and there will be a considerable reduction in the disposal of existing materials.

Refurbished Passenger boarding bridges from ameribridge are now available with optional sustainable material and energy conserving options to ensure that your project can remain as environmentally friendly as possible.