A-Bridge, LLC differentiates itself within the industry by offering a comprehensive range of services to airports and airlines to help carry your project from inception to final completion.  Our team of highly skilled, experienced and dedicated mechanics and technicians ensures that ameribridge can offer the industry’s most comprehensive line of passenger boarding bridge services.

PBB Refurbishment

Refurbished ground power and PC Air

Passenger boarding bridge conversions and standardization

Critical Services and Capabilities

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Consultation Services

Aircraft layout design, boarding bridge modifications, new aircraft PBB retrofits, boarding bridge evaluations and valuations, manufacturer’s required service bulletin and safety alert compliance.  As a full service provider, ameribridge not only has the ability to identify existing solutions, but also has the in-house design capabilities to create custom solutions and products tailored to meet your most challenging passenger boarding bridge problems.

PBB relocations, PBB modifications for accommodation of new aircraft, on-site PBB refurbishment
We buy old bridges

A-Bridge, LLC can help you get rid of old or decommissioned boarding bridges and ground support equipment.  Your trash may turn out to be our treasure!  Depending on the age, condition, and type of equipment you have, we may be able to offer cash for your cast-offs.

A-Bridge, LLC leads the industry in customer support.  We maintain a high level of focused customer attention to ensure to our products and projects in the field.  Warranty Service claims receive top scheduling priority.  A-Bridge, LLC is also a fully qualified preventative maintenance provider.  We can provide these services directly or we can also train your staff to perform them on their own.  A-Bridge, LLC also offers a 24-hour automated help line that provides our customers with the ability to reach the help they need. Any time, night or day.
After-Market Parts
Aftermarket Parts

We have a full line of OEM replacement parts in-stock. A-Bridge, LLC is unique in the industry due to our in-house manufacturing capability, custom parts production and made-to-order solutions.  In fact, many of our competitors regularly purchase parts from us. We also manufacture and sell a full line of accessories for 400Hz ground power, pre-conditioned air, and other PBB accessories.

Because of our expertise in the PBB industry we are often able to make use of equipment that many of our competitors cannot.  Even if you’ve been turned down before, be sure to contact A-Bridge, LLC concerning your surplus equipment.